Auras with Jamie - ...your true life path revealed!
The human aura is the unseen energy field which surrounds your physical body. The first aura photo was actually created by revered scientist Nicola Tesla in 1891. In 1939, Kirlian photography, the photographic  process which reveals invisible auras around objects, was invented by Soviet scientist Semyon Kirlian and his wife.  In the 1970's using similar technology, inventor Guy Coggins developed a biofeedback imaging aura camera.  The Coggins aura camera is able to capture and translate the electromagnetic waves radiated by humans into splashes of color on a photograph. Jamie Rota is an intuitive spiritual counselor who has been using the Coggins camera for the past 23 years providing aura photographs and readings to thousands of people from around the world. In viewing the aura energy of an individual, Jamie uses her gift of clairsentience and years of experience to uncover each clients strongest talents and unique abilities as well as any spiritual and/or psychic gifts.  An aura reading with Jamie provides clarity about your true life's paths and reveals any blockages you may have in reaching this full potential.  An aura reading will motivate you to actualize your gifts, guide you in relationship choices and inspire you to attain your soul's highest potential! 

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